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CF-Moto UForce 1000 Primal Soft Cab Enclosure Doors

CF-Moto UForce 1000 Primal Soft Cab Enclosure Doors

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  • CFMOTO UForce 1000 : 2019+

NOTE: Do not use in temperatures below negative 20 degrees Fahrenheit.

Don’t Stop Riding
Your CFMOTO UForce 1000 is the jack of all trades. It’s the extra hand you need when tackling messy jobs, and the fun you’re looking for on the trail. The only thing standing in your way: the constant changing weather. Install SuperATV’s CFMOTO UForce 1000 Primal Soft Cab Enclosure Doors to keep riding no matter what the forecast brings. Between the durable Pel-Tek construction, water resistance, and advanced versatility, these doors will allow you to ride year round. And they bring you one step closer to a full-cab enclosure.

Pel-Tek Technology Does It Better
If you want the most durable and perfectly fitting soft doors on the market, then look no further. Our Pel-Tek technology uses CNC-cut, PVC-backed polyester to give you a perfect fit and incredible durability. Our doors are puncture, tear, and abrasion resistant on top of being waterproof. Our premium stitching boosts durability even further with tougher edges that won’t fray. They secure with heavy-duty Velcro and snaps to hold them on tight. When you combine that with built-in straps for trailering, nothing’s gonna knock these doors loose.

Industry-Leading Clarity
We boost the clarity of our vinyl windows beyond what you’d expect in soft doors by double polishing them. Plus, that clarity lasts thanks to the built-in UV resistance that reduces yellowing and cracking.

Designed for Year-Round Use
Leave your doors installed all year round because they’re designed to be versatile. They’re great for cold air and rain, but if the sun breaks through and the temperature rises, you can unzip your windows and secure them easily. And if you’re going on a summer ride with nothing but blue skies, you can completely remove the doors just as easily—unzip them and leave them at home!

Make It a Full Cab Enclosure
These UForce 1000 soft doors get you one step closer to a full cab enclosure. But you can finish the job by adding a SuperATV roof along with front and rear windshields too. Once your cab is sealed up, you can ride through anything the outdoors throw your way.

  • PVC-backed polyester utilizes Pel-Tek technology for maximum strength
  • Uses double-polished vinyl windows
  • Resistant to water, punctures, abrasions, UV radiation, and mildew
  • Heavy-duty snaps hold the windows open for more airflow
  • Industrial-strength Velcro strips and snaps hold the doors securely to your vehicle
  • Includes all hardware and instructions
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