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Rocky Mountain ATV/MC

Tusk UTV Windshield Wiper 12"

Tusk UTV Windshield Wiper 12"

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Part #: 2006650001


    Tusk UTV Windshield Wiper is an excellent addition to your full windshield and makes riding in wet conditions even more comfortable. Wipe away the mud and water from your windshield right from the cab. This works best with hard-coated scratch resistant and glass windshields. Installation is easy and takes just a few minutes. Drilling a hole ½" in diameter may be required on some windshields. When looking for parts and accessories for your ATV, dirt bike, or UTV, think TUSK!
  • Tusk UTV Windshield Wiper works great for full windshields.
  • Works best for scratch resistant or glass windshields.
  • Quickly wipes away mud and rain.
  • Easy installation.
  • Tusk UTV Windshield Wiper fits most UTVs. The 12" wiper blade has a 15" radius, the 16" blade has an 18" radius, and the 22" Blade has a 30" radius. (measuring from the pivot point to the end of the blade). Please check clearance on your UTV for proper fitment.
  • Drilling a ½" diameter hole may be required for some windshields.

**Tusk UTV Windshield Wiper 12" is commonly purchased with the Alpha Windshields.

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