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Axia Alloy

Cargo Mounting System For Coolers / Cargo Boxes

Cargo Mounting System For Coolers / Cargo Boxes

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The Axia Alloys Cargo System is the most versatile UTV mounting system on the market. These two adjustable arms allow you to mount virtually anything to a horizontal crossbar on the roll cage.

These extremely strong arms are machined from aircraft quality aluminum so that they are strong enough for virtually any size cooler, duffle bags, toolboxes, camping gear, etc. When not in use they easily be rotated up and out of the way for more rear passenger leg room or other cargo. 

They are supplied with several different lengths of Velcro's straps to hold both small and large items.

A roll cage with horizontal bar either located in front of or along the side of the bed are required to properly use this mounting system.


MAKES A GREAT MOUNT ON THE TOP OF AN FJ CRUISER OR ANY OTHER VEHICLES ROOF RACK. All that is required is a parallel tube running above a flat surface for the cooler to rest on.

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