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Carrier Bearing Rebuild Kit

Carrier Bearing Rebuild Kit

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This rebuild kit is designed to work with SuperATV Carrier Bearings only.

SuperATV Carrier Bearings:

  • BEA01-001
  • BEA01-005
  • BEA-P-002
  • BEA07-001
  • BEA01-002
  • BEA-P-003
  • BEA-CA-002

No matter how much you grease, clean, and coddle your carrier bearings, eventually they wear out and you need a Carrier Bearing Rebuilt kit. The same goes for the bearings in SuperATV's bearing carrier. But when you're prop shaft starts to chatter and you need a replacement carrier bearing, we've got you covered.

SuperATV's bearing carrier rebuild kit comes complete with a new greaseable bearing, new mounting bolts, and new threadlocker. Our rebuild kit takes just minutes to install and will keep your SuperATV nearing carrier in perfect condition for years.


  • Greaseable self-aligning beairng
  • Mounting bolts and washers
  • Threadlocker 
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