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CF-Moto UForce 1000 Glass Windshield

CF-Moto UForce 1000 Glass Windshield

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Part # GWS-CF-UF1000-01


  • CFMOTO UForce 1000 : 2019+
  • CFMOTO UForce 1000 XL : 2022+


Versatile Protection
If you don’t want rain in your face and bugs in your teeth, you need to get a windshield. And if you want perfect clarity for years of riding, nothing beats a glass windshield. SuperATV’s CFMOTO UForce 1000 Glass Windshield gives you protection and comfort you can count on day after day. It’s DOT approved and gives you a wide viewing angle you’ll love. Plus, with sliding vents in the frame and a manual wiper for the driver, it lets you adapt to changing conditions.

The Most Scratch-Resistant Material
Our DOT-approved laminated safety glass is the most scratch-resistant UTV windshield material you can get. Abrasive sand, gritty mud, and jagged rocks won’t mar this windscreen. You can count on years of clarity without tons of microscratches ruining your view.

Includes a Manual Wiper and Sliding Vents
Our glass windshield kit includes a manual wiper and sliding vents for maximum comfort and versatility. Whether it’s raining cats and dogs or it’s hot enough to fry an egg, we’ve got you covered. The vents loosen and slide with a thumb knob, and the wiper is strategically placed to clear the driver’s view.

Made with Secure Seal Technology
We designed this UForce 1000 windshield to take advantage of our Secure Seal technology—our unique combination of high-quality clamps and durable seals that keep the elements out. It seals against the frame to make sure rain, wind, and dirt stay out while you ride.

Preassembled and Easy to Install
We make it easy to install by preassembling the glass in the aluminum frame. All you have to do is add seals, insert your wiper, and bolt it up. Our full-color instructions make it easy, and you get a rattle-free fit.

WARNING: This product can impact machine operation. Customer and/or user is responsible for ensuring that this product is compatible with their machine as currently configured, properly installed, and understands any impact this product has or might have on the machine's operation.

 California Proposition 65 Warning 
WARNING: This product may contain a chemical known to the State of California to cause cancer or birth defects or other reproductive harm.
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