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Axia Alloy

17″ Wide Panoramic Rearview Mirror – 2.5″ Arms

17″ Wide Panoramic Rearview Mirror – 2.5″ Arms

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Part # Modprvmssv

  • The 17 inches billet panoramic rearview mirror offers the widest non distorted viewing angle of any mirror on the market. This mirror is very slightly curved ONLY in the horizontal direction so that you get a nice wide view of what is behind you without distortion.
  • This is the MEDIUM LENGTH ARM version. 2.5 inches mounting length
  • Axia alloys recommends that you use the 2.5 inches length arms on OEM polaris RZR cages when you have an aftermarket overhead stereo installed. This works with the MTX and SSV overhead units on all polaris RZR models.

This mirror requires 2 clamps and are included in the cost.

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