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Dual Idler 6" Portal Gear Lift Seal and Bearing Rebuild Kit

Dual Idler 6" Portal Gear Lift Seal and Bearing Rebuild Kit

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  • GEN1 Portal Gear Lifts (purchased before 10-13-17)
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6" Portal Bearing Rebuild Kit 
SuperATV’s 6” Portal Rebuild Kits contain enough seals, gaskets, and bearings to fully repair 1 hub. We know that sometimes you get a used set that’s been left our in the elements too long. We make it easy to get what you need for your GDP Portal Gear Lifts no matter what version you have. Our seal kits get you all the seals you need, and our rebuild kits give you all the seals and bearings you need. It’s that simple.

NOTE: Gears and hardware are not included in these kits.

Seal Kit Includes: 

  • (1) Housing gasket
  • Cap gaskets for all Gens
  • All output seals for all Gens
  • All input seals for all Gens
  • Enough seals for (1) complete portal box

Dual Idler Seal Kit Includes:

  • (1) Cap gasket
  • (1) Housing gasket
  • (3) Input/output seals

All Seal & Bearing Rebuild Kit Includes:  

  • Complete seal kit
  • All input/output bearings
  • All idler gear bearings
  • Thrust bearing
  • Everything to completely rebuild (1) portal box


  • Everything you need to replace all seals and bearings in your 6” GDP Portal Gear Lift
  • Seal and Rebuild kits sold for 1 or 4 portal boxes
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