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GDP Portal Universal Truck/Jeep Hubs

GDP Portal Universal Truck/Jeep Hubs

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Part #: PGH-WH-U


Wheel Stud:

  • M14x1.5
  • 1/2x20

Wheel Pattern:

  • 5x4.5"
  • 5x5"
  • 8x6.5"

Get Whatever Wheel You Want
GDP Portals rock. You know it, we know it, and your dog knows it. But what if you had even more wheel options? Open up your portal wheel world with the Universal Truck and Jeep Wheel Hubs made specifically for GDP Portals. They swap out with your original hubs to give you 5x4.5”, 5x5”, and 8x6.5” bolt patterns. That covers most trucks, Jeeps, and a whole hell of a lot of other vehicle bolt patterns too.

Step Up Your Wheel Game
With bolt patterns that give you access to thousands more wheel styles, you’re free to personalize your machine with the perfect wheel. Not to mention, with millions of these wheels already on the market, it’s easier to save some dough on killer wheels. And that awesome set that’s been sitting in your garage for a decade? Now you have somewhere to put them!

Kit Includes:
(4) Universal truck/Jeep hubs
(32) M14x1.5 wheel studs
(20) 1/2”x20 wheel studs


  • Made of zinc-plated steel
  • Gives you 5x4.5”, 5x5” and 8x6.5” bolt patterns
  • Compatible with any Gen 2 or Gen 3 GDP Portal Gear Lift
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