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Groundhog Max with Kit

Groundhog Max with Kit

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The GroundHog Max truly makes preparing food plots a one-man job. The GroundHog Max plow weighs 69 pounds and comes fully assembled. Easy to use "transport mode" allows the GroundHog to get to any remote food plot that your ATV/UTV can reach. The GroundHog Max can plow from 3-7 MPH and can even be used to plow in reverse. Although the GroundHog Max is half as wide as a normal plow, it makes creating food plots a breeze. In some states, land owners are required to have firebreaks around their property.  This plow can not only be used for making food plots, but also makes a great tool for creating firebreaks.  Creating firebreaks is now easier than ever using the GroundHog Max! In addition, the plow may also be used for duck hunting, landscaping and weed control.

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