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Honda Hard Rear Panel Black

Honda Hard Rear Panel Black

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Fits: 2023 HONDA Pioneer 700


The Honda Hard Rear Panel window is a crucial accessory for the rider looking to get full cab enclosure on their Honda Pioneer UTV. To deliver more than just basic protection or coverage, Honda builds their panel as a single, robust unit using tempered glass panes and super-durable HMWPE plastics. So you won’t deal with the flapping of a canvas panel, or the gaps of lesser windows that let wind and rain leak in.

And with the premium materials, Honda also goes the extra mile with construction, because the panel fits seamlessly and works wonderfully with the Honda Hard Roof. It also has a modular type of design so it works with other Pioneer accessories like doors, bed accessories, etc.


  • Integrates with Honda Hard Roof
  • Made from durable HMWPE (high molecular weight polyethylene)
  • Modular design fits with other Honda cab accessories
  • Tempered glass panes for strength and scratch resistance
  • Sliding center window pane for adjustable ventilation


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