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Kawasaki Prairie Heavy-Duty CVT Drive Belt

Kawasaki Prairie Heavy-Duty CVT Drive Belt

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Part #: DBKA0019EX#PR

OEM Part #: 
59011-0019 / 59011-0003


  • Kawasaki Prairie 650/700: 2002-2006
  • Kawasaki Prairie 360: 2003-2013

A Tougher, Longer-Lasting Drive Belt
If you’re still running stock, it’s only a matter of time before the belt breaks on your Kawasaki Prairie. That’s because OEM belts aren’t made for the rough riding that you’re used to. Upgrading to a Heavy-Duty CVT Drive Belt is the only way to truly see what your Prairie is capable of. These belts are tougher, longer lasting, and designed for the way you ride. So pull the trigger on that upgrade to experience smoother engagement and longer-lasting performance.

Extreme Badass
If you’re looking for a drive belt that shines everywhere from mud to rocks, you need Extreme Badass. This Kawasaki Prairie belt is for riders who want to go big and ride hard without worrying about whether their parts can keep up. It has an aramid cord and high-strength rubber compound that lets your clutch grip it hard without fraying or breaking. There’s no better way to go low and slow through rocky or rugged terrain.

Don’t even think about lifting your machine or going all out if you’re not running an Extreme Badass Belt.


  • Built for high strength, flexibility, and heat resistance
  • Higher power transfer through your clutch
  • Smooth engagement 
  • Made to endure thousands of miles of abuse
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