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Plow Pro Adjustable Plow Lever Kit

Plow Pro Adjustable Plow Lever Kit

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Smoother Winching that Protects Your Line
With winch-powered snow plows, the position of your winch can affect the smooth operation of your plow. If your winch is too low, lifting your plow will be jerky and difficult. In fact, a low winch can put so much strain on your rope that it snaps. Add our Plow Pro Adjustable Plow Lever Kit to your Plow Pro Snow Plow to get the leverage you need. It reduces the strain on your winch rope and makes your plow easier to operate.

Multiple Attachment Points
This plow lever lift kit has seven attachment points up to 8” above the standard attachment point. With multiple options, you can get the perfect angle for your machine’s setup. Plus, switching points is easy thanks to the included hitch pin. And the whole thing is made from 3/16” thick steel plating to make it durable as hell.


  • Seven attachment points to match your machine height
  • Fixes strain and jerkiness caused by low-mounted winches
  • Made with durable 3/16” steel plating
  • Easy installation—includes all hardware and instructions


Compatible with SuperATV’s Plow Pro Snow Plows only

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