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Plow Pro Snow Plow Drop Brackets

Plow Pro Snow Plow Drop Brackets

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Plow with a Lift
There’s one big problem with running a lift kit larger than 3” in the winter time: your plow’s tilt angle is useless! Get SuperATV’s Plow Pro Snow Plow Drop Brackets. They give you the extra reach your Plow Pro Snow Plow needs to move snow effectively. With compatibility for up to 5” of lift, you get the best of both worlds—extra ground clearance and a killer plowing machine.

Built for Lifts Up to 5”
These snow plow drop brackets work best for lifts up to 5” high. They mount straight to your Plow Pro Snow Plow and drop your blade into the optimal plowing range. From there, you can adjust the blade's tilt angle as you normally would, and then get to plowing.


  • Made from heavy-duty 1/4” steel
  • Compatible with Plow Pro Snow Plows
  • Designed for lift kits up to 5”
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