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Polaris Ranger Seal Kit for Front Differential

Polaris Ranger Seal Kit for Front Differential

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Part #: SK-P-002#AB


  • DIFF-1-001-K
  • DIFF-1-002-K
  • DIFF-1-003-K
  • DIFF-1-004-K
  • DIFF-1-005-K
  • DIF-P-RAN1K-001-K
  • DIF-P-RZR800-001-K
  • DIF-P-RZR1000-001-K
  • DIF-P-RZRXPT-001-K
  • DIF-P-RZRXPT-002-K

Keep Your Diff Sealed
Your Ranger works hard all week long and you take it out on hard rides every weekend. It’s only a matter of time before the seals on your Rangers Complete Front Differential from SuperATV start to wear. So make sure you check them often, and as soon as they start to wear, replace them with a complete seal kit form the same experts that made your diff in the first place.

Everything you Need
Get this seal kit to get everything you need to replace every seal and O-ring on your SuperATV complete diff. They’re designed to be tough like your diff with spring-loaded, double-lipped seals, and high-quality rubber O-rings that keep water and contaminates out no matter how deep you go.

Kit Includes:

(2) 1.4mm x 13.3mm ID rubber O-rings
(2) 4mm x 30mm ID double-lipped shaft seals
(3) 7mm x 30mm ID double-lipped shaft seals
(2) 7mm x 40mm ID input seals
(2) 7mm x 40mm ID double-lipped shaft seals
(1) Pinion gear cap O-ring
(1) 2mm x 70mm ID O-ring
(1) 2.5mm x 75mm ID O-ring
(2) Housing O-rings
(1) 2mm x 175 O-rings


  • Complete kit for front differentials 
  • High-quality
  • Long-lasting durability 
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