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Polaris RZR Trail S 1000 Scratch Resistant Flip Windshield

Polaris RZR Trail S 1000 Scratch Resistant Flip Windshield

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Part #: FWS-P-RZR900S-70#SK


  • Polaris RZR Trail S 1000 : 2021+

Ride in All Conditions
Ride when and how you want with a SuperATV Scratch-Resistant Flip Windshield on your Polaris RZR Trail S 1000. Is it a little cold outside? Rainy? Windy? Not a problem! This windshield gives you the versatility you need to ride in all conditions. Switch from closed to open to vented to get total control over your cab’s comfort level. With powerful gas struts keeping it in place and an easy-to-reach latch that lets you adjust it from your seat, this is the last UTV windshield you’ll ever need.

Nothing But the Best Parts
Your RZR puts up with a lot—branches, rocks, other riders' rooster tails, you name it. To give you the strength and protection you need for year-round use, we used nothing but the best parts when making this windshield. A full-length foam seal makes for a snug fit against your machine, and heavy-duty clamps keep it in place no matter how bumpy the trails get. And since we’re all about making your life easier, we preassemble everything before boxing it up. That makes installation super quick and easy.

Super-Strong Polycarbonate
This side-by-side windshield is made from polycarbonate, which has an impact strength 25 times stronger than acrylic and 250 times stronger than glass. It’s also super lightweight, meaning you get all the protection you need without a bunch of extra weight holding you back. No matter what you encounter on the trails, we can guarantee it’s no match for the protection your polycarbonate windshield delivers.

XR Optic Hard Coating
Being super strong is great, but being super strong and scratch resistant is even better. That’s why we apply our XR Optic Hard Coating to both sides of this RZR Trail S 1000 windshield. It protects against scratches and abrasions so your UTV windshield stays crystal clear, even after years of use. It also offers superior UV protection so you’ll never have to worry about sun spots, yellowing, or fading.

Trust the Windshield Experts
When it comes to off-road windshields, nobody does it like SuperATV. Our team of experts paired with industry-leading technology produces products that are second to none. Each windshield is designed and manufactured in house before being shipped to your doorstep. If you want a windshield that looks great and performs even better, look no further than SuperATV.


  • Designed for year-round riding—can be closed, vented, or fully open
  • Made of 1/4” polycarbonate—250x stronger than glass and 25x stronger than acrylic
  • Utilizes our proprietary XR Optic Hard Coating for unmatched scratch resistance
  • Fits the contours of your cage and hood perfectly
  • Comes preassembled for easy installation
  • Can be used with soft or hard tops
  • Made in the USA
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