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Axia Alloy

Quick release fire extinguisher mount w/ 2.5lb extinguisher

Quick release fire extinguisher mount w/ 2.5lb extinguisher

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Part # Modfmar

  • The Axia Alloys billet fire extinguisher mount is a work of art. Its aircraft grade 6061 aluminum and stainless steel components are precision machined for a perfect fit. All contact points are o-ringed so that it will not wear or rattle in even the most demading offroad environment.
  • Just pull the red quick release handle and the 2.5lb fire extinguisher is ready to go.
  • This mount is sold complete with the 2.5 lb Red powedercoated Amerex fire extinguisher pictured.
  • Bottle is 3.0″ diameter and 15″ tall
  • Fire extinguisher has aluminum trigger assembly to comply with most racing organization rules.
  • Multi Purpose Dry Chemical Classification A B C Coast Guard Approved Extinguiser is refillable.
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