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Replacement Boot Kit for SuperATV Tie Rods

Replacement Boot Kit for SuperATV Tie Rods

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Part # : T2598


SuperATV Part Number Boot Kit
Polaris TRRA Kits
TRRA-P-RAN-09-0-14-ST-001 T2598
TRRA-P-RAN900-01-14-ST-001 T2598
TRRA-P-RAN-MID-14-ST-001 T2598
TRRA-P-RZR-01-14-ST-001 T2598
TRRA-P-RZR-1K-14-ST-001 T2598
TRRA-P-RZR1K15-Z7-10-14 T2598
TRRA-P-RZR1K-Z7-10-14 T2598
TRRA-P-RZR90015-14-ST-001 T2598
TRRA-P-RZR900S15-14-ST-001 T2598
TRRA-P-RZRS-01-14-ST T2598
TRRA-P-RZRS-01-14-ST-001 T2598
TRRA-P-RZRXP-01-14-ST-001 T2598
TRRA-P-RZR-Z5-14 T2598
TRRA-P-RZR-Z6-14 T2598
TRK01-001-0 T2598
Polaris HDRP Kits
HDRP-1-1-002 T2598
HDRP-1-1-5 T2598
HDRP-1-2-002 T2598
HDRP-1-4-002 T2598
HDRP-1-16-002 T2598
HDRP-1-33-002 T2598
HDRP-1-34-002 T2598
HDRP-1-44-002 T2598
HDRP-1-48-002 T2598
HDRP-1-57-002 T2598
Can-Am TRRA Kits
HDRP-7-14-15-16-002-Z5 T2598
HDRP-7-14-16-002-Z5 T2598
TRRA-CA-COM-01-14-ST-001 (M14 Inner) T2598
TRRA-CA-COM-01-14-ST-001 (M16 Inner) T2598
TRRA-CA-COM-Z5-14-002 (M14 Inner) T2598
TRRA-CA-COM-Z5-14-002 (M16 Inner) T2598
TRRA-CA-MAV-HD-0-14-ST-001 T2598
TRRA-CA-MAV-Z6-14 T2598
Can-Am HDRP Kits
HDRP-7-14-16-002 (M14 Inner) T2598
HDRP-7-14-16-002 (M16 Inner) T2598
HDRP-7-14-15-16-002 (M14 Inner) T2598
HDRP-7-14-15-16-002 (M16 Inner) T2598
HDRP-7-32-002 T2598
HDRP-7-32-002-FPS T2598
HDRP-7-32-14-002 T2598
HDRP-7-32-14-002-FPS T2598
Yamaha HDRP Kits
TRRA-Y-VIK-Z4-6 T2598
TRRA-Y-YXZ-3 T2598
Honda HDRP Kits T2598
TRRA-H-PIO1K-Z14-6 Call for Availability
Kawasaki HDRP Kits
TR04-001-0 T2598
TRRA-K-TRX4-14-ST-001 T2598
Arctic Cat/Textron TRRA Kits
TRRA-AC-TS-5-14 T2598


A Replacement Boot for Your SuperATV Tie Rods
A worn-out tie rod boot can let in dirt and mud, causing steering vibration at best and total loss of control at worst. So when it’s time for a replacement, don’t wait—get this Replacement Boot Kit from SuperATV. It’s designed exclusively for all SuperATV Tie Rods. We make each boot from high-strength rubber for long-lasting performance, which lets you go longer between replacements. Our tie rod boot kit is easy to install and designed for a perfect fit.

Kit Includes:
1 large diameter rubber boot
1 small diameter rubber boot
4 zip ties


  • Made of high-strength rubber
  • Easy to install
  • Designed to work with SuperATV tie rods only
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