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Polaris Replacement Boot Kit -Rhino 2.0

Polaris Replacement Boot Kit -Rhino 2.0

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Boot Kit


Rhino 2.0 Axles Inner CV Boot Kit Outer CV Boot Kit
AX01-001R1 BK00-001 BK00-001
AX01-002R0 BK00-001 BK00-001
AX01-003F1 BK00-002 BK00-001
AX01-004F0 BK00-002 BK00-001
AX01-005F0 BK00-002 BK00-001
AX01-006R0 BK00-001 BK00-001
AX01-007F0 BK00-002 BK00-001
AX01-008R0 BK00-001 BK00-001
AX01-009F0 BK00-002 BK00-001
AX01-010F1 BK00-002 BK00-001
AX01-011F0 BK00-002 BK00-001
AX01-012F0 BK00-002 BK00-001
AX01-013F0 BK00-002 BK00-001
AX01-014F0 BK00-002 BK00-001
AX01-015R0 BK00-001 BK00-001
AX01-016R2 BK00-001 BK00-001
AX01-017R2 BK00-001 BK00-001
AX01-018R2 BK00-001 BK00-001
AX01-019R0 BK00-001 BK00-001
AX01-020R0 BK00-001 BK00-001
AX01-021R0 BK00-001 BK00-001
AX01-022R2 BK00-001 BK00-001
AX01-023F-2 BK00-003 BK00-001
AX01-024F-1 BK00-003 BK00-001
AX01-025R-0 BK00-001 BK00-001
AX01-026R-0 BK00-001 BK00-001
AX01-027F-2 BK00-001 BK00-001
AX-1-1-F-LT6-DT BK00-002 BK00-001
AX-1-1-R-LT6-DT BK00-001 BK00-001
AX-1-21-R-LT6-BT BK00-001 BK00-001
AX-1-2-R-0-DT BK00-001 BK00-001
AX-1-69-R-0-DT BK00-001 BK00-001
AX-1-75-F-0-DT BK00-001 BK00-001
AX-1-75-R-0-DT BK00-001 BK00-001
AX-1-79-R-0-DT BK00-001 BK00-001
AX-1-75-F-LK6-DT BK00-001 BK00-007
AX-1-86-F-0-DT BK00-008 BK00-009
AX-1-86-R-0-DT BK00-009 BK00-009
AX-1-86-F-LK8-BT N/A BK00-011
AX-1-79-R-LK6-BT BKW00-001 BK00-001

Save Your Axle
Don’t let a damaged boot ruin your ride! Discovering that you have a cracked or worn CV boot is no fun, but it’s an easy fix if you’ve got the right materials. That’s why we believe it’s always a good idea to keep a replacement boot kit on hand.

SuperATV’s Replacement Boot Kit for Rhino 2.0 Axles comes with everything you need for a quick fix—boot, clip, bands, and grease. The replacement boot is made out of the same high-strength rubber or TPEE (Thermoplastic Elastomer) that your 2.0 axles came with, so you know they’re designed for long-lasting durability.

NOTE: These boots are designed to work with Rhino 2.0 Axles. The SKU number associated with your axle can be found on the shaft.


  • Made of high-strength rubber or TPEE (Thermoplastic Elastomer)
  • Easy to install
  • Designed to work with Rhino 2.0 Axles only
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