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Snow Plow Power Angle Package

Snow Plow Power Angle Package

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Snow Plow Power Angle Package with Wiring Harness

Designed to bolt to the EMP UTV Plow System.

Electric (12 volt) over Hydraulic Cylinder.

Two-Way Rocker Switch, housing, and mounting bracket.

6 month manufacturer Warranty.

Includes: Wiring Harness.

Chrome Shaft.
Now, you can add a power angle to your EMP snow plow. Easily adjust the angle of your UTV plow without getting out of your seat. The unit features overload protection, so if you hit something hard enough the actuator will give instead of breaking something on the plow or vehicle. Then simply wait two seconds and it will reset itself so you can start plowing again. Over three years of testing has been done on this unit. The Actuator/Cylinder is made in Japan.

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