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SuperATV Inner Tie Rod End Replacement-Polaris

SuperATV Inner Tie Rod End Replacement-Polaris

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Replacement Part


SuperATV Part Number                                               Inner Tie Rod
TRRA-P-RAN-09-0-14-ST-001                                       T2522/RBS-001
TRRA-P-RAN900-01-14-ST-001                                     T2522/RBS-001
TRRA-P-RAN-MID-14-ST-001                                        T2522/RBS-001
TRRA-P-RZR-01-14-ST-001                                            T2522/RBS-001
TRRA-P-RZR-1K-14-ST-001                                            T2522/RBS-001
TRRA-P-RZR1K15-Z7-10-14                                           T2522/RBS-001
TRRA-P-RZR1K-Z7-10-14                                               T2522/RBS-001
TRRA-P-RZR900I5-14-ST-001                                         T2522/RBS-001
TRRA-P-RZR900S15-14-ST-001                                      T2522/RBS-001
TRRA-P-RZRS-01-14-ST                                                  T2522/RBS/001
TRRA-P-RZRS-01-14-ST-001                                           T2522/RBS/001
TRRA-P-RZRXP-01-14-ST-001                                         T2522/RBS/001
TRRA-P-RZR-Z5-14                                                          T2522/RBS/001
TRRA-P-RZR-Z6-14                                                          T2522/RBS/001
TRK01-001-0                                                                    T2989/RBS-003
SuperATV Part Number                                                Inner Tie Rod
HDRP-1-1-002                                                                 T2522/RBS-001
HDRP-1-1-5                                                                     T2522/RBS-001
HDRP-1-2-002                                                                 T2522/RBS-001
HDRP-1-4-002                                                                 T2522/RBS-001 
HDRP-1-16-002                                                               T2522/RBS-001
HDRP-1-33-002                                                               T2522/RBS-001 
HDRP-1-34-002                                                               T2522/RBS-001 
HDRP-1-44-002                                                               T2522/RBS-001   
HDRP-1-48-002                                                               T2522/RBS-001 
HDRP-1-57-002                                                               T2522/RBS-001                        

Get Your Polaris Back in Action
Did you get a little too wild on the trails and now it’s time to replace those inner tie rods? Our inner ball and sockets are designed exclusively for your SuperATV tie rod or rack and pinion kits. Our replacement inners are ready to ship, so you can keep downtime to a minimum. Whether you need a replacement or just want to keep some spares on hand, SuperATV has exactly what you need to keep your Polaris machine in action.

Choose Standard or Rebuildable
Our replacement inner tie rod ends come in two options: standard and rebuildable. Our standard end is tough enough for most riders. But if you want ultimate strength for your inner tie rod ends, upgrade to rebuildable. The stud is made with 4340 steel and the neck is over 1/8” larger than stock! It’s tough enough to steer you in the right direction while you’re pushing your Polaris to its limits. The best part? Our rebuildable ends are easy to service, clean, and tighten so they ride like new for years.           


  • Sold in pairs
  • T2522 / RBS-001:
    • M14 threads on both ends (rack side and tie rod side)
    • Measures 5-3/16" from end to end
  • T2989 / RBS-003:
    • M16 inner threads
    • M14 outer threads (tie rod side)
    • Measures 5-5/16" from end to end
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