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SuperATV Inner Tie Rod End Replacement-Yamaha

SuperATV Inner Tie Rod End Replacement-Yamaha

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Replacement Part


Works with SuperATV Part #

  • TRRA-Y-VIK-Z4-6
  • TRRA-Y-YXZ-3

Quality Inner Tie Rod Ends
If your steering wheel is feeling a little out of alignment, your tie rod ends might be to blame. Keep your Yamaha in prime condition with our replacement inner tie rod ends. They’re designed exclusively for SuperATV tie rods so you’re guaranteed a perfect fit every time. Our replacement inner ball and sockets are always ready to ship, so you’ll be back on the trails before you know it.

Do You Need Standard or Rebuildable?
We have replacement parts for every budget and ride style. With our inner tie rod ends, you get to choose between a standard and rebuildable option. Our standard ends are great for the average rider. If you abuse your UTV, you need to upgrade to our rebuildable inners. They’re easy to disassemble, which makes servicing and cleaning a breeze. They also offer ultimate strength for your tie rods, thanks to a 4340 steel stud and a neck that’s over 1/8” bigger than stock.


  • Sold in pairs
  • M12 inner threads
  • M14 outer threads (tie rod side)
  • Measures 5-1/8” from end to end
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