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TUSK - License Plate Mount

TUSK - License Plate Mount

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 Part # 144501

The Tusk license plate mount is the perfect way to mount your license plate to your off-road or street vehicles. Its sleek polycarbonate design is strong enough to withstand all of the abuse you can give it. It has 4 mounting positions for the license plate and 2 upper mount holes to mount to the machine. Includes all hardware needed to mount in several different ways. There is also a spot in the middle of the mount used for a license plate light. Being that every state has different sized license plates, you may need to drill holes accordingly.
  • A high quality, polycarbonate license plate mount.
  • Can mount in multiple positions.
  • Includes all hardware to mount both the plate and the mount to the machine.
  • Recommend using the Tusk License Plate light with this.
  • May need to drill new holes for certain states.

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