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Rocky Mountain ATV/MC

Tusk Pivot Folding UTV Mirror Kit w/A-pillar Mounts

Tusk Pivot Folding UTV Mirror Kit w/A-pillar Mounts

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Part # 1941310004

The Tusk Pivot Folding Mirror is perfect for a machine used in any kind of terrain. This durable mirror is designed to stay in position while riding but will break away from its original position in the event of an impact to help prevent damage to the mirror. The break-away design allows for full range of movement whether you catch a stray branch while traveling forward or reverse. The mirror can also be folded inward in case you need to fit into tight spaces like a trailer or garage. These mirrors are stylish and built to last, the Tusk Pivot Folding Mirror features a shatter-resistant convex mirror suspended on a ball for accurate mirror adjustment that will stay in place even through the roughest of terrain. The mirror is encased in a cast aluminum housing for durability and lightweight design. The mirror is easily mounted to your side-x-side. These Tusk Pivot Folding Mirrors are a must have, add a stylish look to your machine along with clear wide field of vision for added safety on the trail.

  • Sold as a pair.
  • Cast aluminum construction.
  • Notched Break away design for full range of movement.
  • Convex anti-shatter mirror.
  • Fully adjustable to obtain the ultimate viewing angle.

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