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Winch Hook and Rubber Stopper

Winch Hook and Rubber Stopper

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Part #: WN-HOOK

Don’t Winch with a Busted Hook
Your Black Ops Winch has seen a lot of action and performed more than a few recoveries. That puts a lot of strain on your winch hook and stopper. If something goes wrong and you break one of them, don’t worry. Replace them with SuperATV’s Black Ops Winch Hook and Stopper Kit. It will get you running like new.

Built for Hard Pulls
You get a zinc-plated, heavy-duty steel winch hook and a winch stopper. The rubber stopper uses a two-piece, interlocking design to fasten to your rope line and the hook secures with a steel pin. With a brand new set on your Black Ops Winch, every recovery will be a safe and reliable one.


  • Heavy-duty, zinc-plated, steel winch hook
  • Two-piece rubber stopper is easy to assemble
  • Compatible with any synthetic rope winch
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