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Polaris Replacement Boot Kit-X300

Polaris Replacement Boot Kit-X300

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Boot Kit


X300 Axles Inner CV Boot Kit Outer CV Boot Kit
AXW01-002R0 BKW00-001 BKW00-001
AXW01-005F0 BKW00-002 BKW00-001
AXW01-004F0 BKW00-002 BKW00-001
AXW01-016R2 BKW00-001 BKW00-001
AXW01-017R2 BKW00-001 BKW00-001
AXW01-023F-2 BKW00-003 BKW00-001
AXW01-024F-1 BKW00-003 BKW00-001
AXW01-027F-2 BKW00-003 BKW00-001
AXW-1-75-F-0-DT BKW00-001 BKW00-001
AXW-1-75-F-LK6-BT BKW00-001 BKW00-007
AXW-1-75-R-0-DT BKW00-001 BKW00-001
AXW-1-75-R-LK6-BT BKW00-001 BKW00-001
AXW-1-79-R-LK6-BT BKW00-001 BKW00-001
AXW-1-80-R-LK6-BT BKW00-001 BKW00-001
AXW-1-86-F-0-DT BKW00-008 BKW00-009
AXW-1-86-R-0-DT BKW00-009 BKW00-009

Replace that Worn Boot
Your Rhino X300 Axles take a beating, and while they’re designed to put up with some crazy trail abuse, you can’t always say the same about your CV boot. That’s why we recommend keeping a replacement kit on hand, because you never know when it’ll be time to replace that boot!

SuperATV’s Replacement Boot Kit for X300 Axles has everything you need to replace that worn boot and be back on the trails in no time. The replacement boot is made with flexible, high-strength TPEE (Thermoplastic Elastomer), which is designed for long-lasting durability. This kit also includes a clip, bands, and grease.

These boots are designed to work with Rhino X300 Axles. The SKU number associated with your axle can be found on the shaft.


  • Made of high-strength TPEE (Thermoplastic Elastomer)
  • Easy to install
  • Designed to work with X300 Axles only
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