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Yamaha 4/110 to 4/156 Wheel Adapter (1.5 inch)

Yamaha 4/110 to 4/156 Wheel Adapter (1.5 inch)

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1.5" Wheel Adapters

Converts: 4/110 - M10x1.25 to 4/156 - 3/8x24

Includes: M10x1.25 tapered lug nuts
Note: The provided nuts are for use on the OE vehicle studs. Nuts for the wheel are not provided.

2 pair (4 adapters total)

SuperATV wheel adapters are designed to increase stability and enhanced wheel fitment. Wheel adapters convert your current OE bolt pattern to an alternative bolt pattern for use with aftermarket wheels.
These heavy-duty adapters will withstand the largest tires, torque, twisting and flexing one can throw at them.


  • Each pair includes pre-installed wheel studs and nuts
  • Extremely durable
  • Coverts OE bolt pattern to alternative bolt pattern
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