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Yamaha Viking and Viking VI Frame Stiffener/Gusset Kit

Yamaha Viking and Viking VI Frame Stiffener/Gusset Kit

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Why We Make It
When it’s time to upgrade you Yamaha Viking VI with a big lift, big tires, and some extra gear, you’ll push right past what your stock UTV frame can handle. Get SuperATV’s Frame Stiffener for the Yamaha Viking so you don’t bend your frame when you hit the trail.

SuperATV’s frame stiffener gives you the freedom to go big—bigger tires, bigger lifts, and big portal gear lifts without overtaxing your machine. Ride hard, ride high, ride however you want. Your machine is too good to be a lawn ornament. Just ride - our frame stiffener can handle anything you can throw at it and then some.

Superior Strength
Our frame support is made with 4.5 mm heavy duty hand-welded steel to make sure your Viking VI has the best frame support possible. Don't be afraid of bending your chassis and throwing your machine out of alignment - get SuperATV's Frame Stiffener for the Yamaha Viking and show the trail who's boss.

  • Strengthens the weak spots on your Viking's frame
  • Provides the strength you need when adding portals, big lifts, or bigger tires
  • Perfect for hard work and hard riding
  • Adds support and stability
  • Made of 4.5 mm heavy-duty steel plating
  • Powder coated for durability


  • Yamaha Viking : 2014+
  • Yamaha Viking EPS : 2014+
  • Yamaha Viking EPS Ranch Edition : 2018+
  • Yamaha Viking EPS SE : 2015+
  • Yamaha Viking VI : 2015-2017
  • Yamaha Viking VI EPS : 2015+
  • Yamaha Viking VI EPS Ranch Edition : 2016+
  • Yamaha Viking VI EPS SE : 2015-2016
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